The Balance Between Fun & Function - Cilek Kids Room

The Balance Between Fun & Function

When you’re a kid, practically everything is an opportunity for play. Mundane tasks like washing at bath time are transformed by their boundless imagination to an endless opportunity for fun and adventure.

For the makers of children’s furniture, this is at once a source of constant inspiration, but also a challenge. That’s because the child’s constantly seeking mind can tire of one thing and change faster than a summer storm comes and goes. Plus, parents are the ones who buy the furniture. The child’s room must also serve a function, and perhaps more functions than one—as kids and their tastes change as they grow.

The best bedroom furniture for kids, then, will awaken their creativity and love for stories and play on one side, and on the other, exhibit the kind of sturdy functionality that will make parents happy and meet kids’ changing needs as they grow.


If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, parents are going to want to see one feature and one feature first and foremost in the furniture for their kid’s room: storage. The Çilek Black / White sets were designed with precisely this in mind. No space is wasted, and additional storage is built in everywhere, from the shelving built into the headboard, to the simplistic under-bed design that allows for bin storage and easy cleaning access. Design-wise, it’s a dream come true for parents of children from a younger age, where toy storage is the main concern, on to school age, where the room becomes a primary study place, and storage concerns transition over to clothes and books.

Play and imagination

The bed is the centerpiece of any room, and it’s the place where children should feel safe and warm. It’s where bedtime stories are read and where most of the best forts begin. Every kid is different, and how they think, play, and sleep are also different. For this reason, it’s good to have options. Çilek offers a wide range of interpretations of this principle, everywhere from loud, fun designs that will inspire them for years, with pirates, princesses, and race car drivers, all the way to minimal designs that children are able to color with their own unique imaginations and designs.

As a central part for the child’s early conception of the external world, the kid’s room is so important. That’s why the best bedroom furniture for kids will approach design from a unique angle, where fun and function coexist, and where sleep and play can flow together.