Pirate Collection

Is your child fascinated with tales of Pirates and the High Seas? You have come to the right place! Cilek Kids Room is your premium supplier online for pirate themed bedroom decor that will delight boys and girls and kindle their imagination.

A bedroom is a haven and a place to relax and enjoy. A child’s bedroom is additionally the one place in the home that can really feel like their own. Our unique pirate bedroom décor will transform your son or daughter’s space into a place of adventure - from our kids’ pirate beds to accessories galore, this is a bedroom that suits both older toddlers and children into their early teens.

Many kids have a real fascination with pirates. Why? In real life, pirates were the worst kind of criminals. Yet the idea of pirates, translated in books, movies, and other stories, is one of danger, thrills, adventure, swashbuckling, buccaneering, and exploration on the high seas. It’s the idea of treasure and far off unexplored places. Pirates have been romanticized for more than two hundred years – and while the reality was very different, pirate lore today represents freedom, fun, and adventure. From the real pirates of the Caribbean of the 1700s to the movies of today, pirates capture our imaginations like little else.

So why not give your son or daughter a pirate themed bedroom?

The main feature of our Pirate-themed décor is the Pirate Ship Bed. This unique rustic bed design suits a single standard mattress, and has a sail and side cannons. There is an option to add a pullout-trundle bed underneath. The bed has sides near the pillow allowing it to be safely used by older toddlers.

Other accessories in the Cilek Pirate Bedroom range include:

  • Pirate Brown Twin Comforter Set
  • Pirate Ship Storage and Trundle Bed
  • Pirate Blue Rug
  • Pirate Shark Desk
  • Pirate 4 Drawer Chest
  • Pirate Desk with Hutch
  • …and much more

For something really different that your son or daughter will love, explore our Pirate bedroom décor range today. We are located online and in Southern California, and shipping is free on orders valued at over USD $1000. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the quality and style of our merchandise, and that your child will be absolutely delighted with their new room.