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Kid Stuff: The Durability Question

A question that comes up often when buying furniture is does it make better cost sense to buy a budget item, or spend a little more to get something that will last more? For children’s furniture, the question is magnified, because furniture is just one of the many things your kids need, and as they grow out of childhood that small table may not serve a purpose anymore. If you’re shopping for the best race car bed, for example, should you really buy something that will last longer that the child’s need for it?


Some parents reason that they should buy the most inexpensive furniture possible, because kids can have a tendency to go hard on things. This may make sense for certain things, but for an item that is heavily used, the exact opposite should hold true. Kids who go hard on furniture need furniture that is built to last.

A Longer Life

Others might argue that a big investment for a short number of years just doesn’t make cost sense: why spend top dollar on something that simply won’t get a lot of use years out of it? Sadly, this line of thinking reflects the wasteful culture that has completely overtaken the consumer products sphere. Manufacturers engage in a race to the bottom on quality, all for the sake of lowering the MSRP; the public then gets on board, as they naturally like to pay less, and eventually there grows an expectation of being able to get something for far less than it would be worth, had it been made correctly in the first place. The final result is that products that are made properly by virtue of being more expensive than their bargain brand competitors, get lumped with luxury products, as if average families don’t deserve a quality table or chair that won’t break.

There is another way, and in fact, things were different before, as anyone from a generation or two ago will tell you. Things used to be built better. Breaking the cycle and demanding better quality helps everyone involved. When a product outlasts the child’s need for it, that should be considered a success. It means that chair, table, or bed can go on to make another kid happy, whether it’s a hand-me-down to a brother or sister, or it gets gifted or sold to another family. This can cut down the on expenses in the early years of a child’s life. Also, over time, it will greatly reduce the amount of furniture waste that keeps filling landfills. Furniture should not be disposable like a tooth brush. A set of furniture should be built to last.

Buying things you’ll actually like

Finally, when it comes to picking something like furniture that has the likelihood of sticking around your house for a good while, it makes good sense not to settle for an option that’s less than you want, or that you’ll get tired of quickly. That’s why Çilek has set out to make furniture that has a lifetime ahead of it, such as the best race car beds, which are timeless, durable, and just plain fun. When you don’t cut corners and you buy things because you actually want them, especially for your child’s room, your and their lives are made better.