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The Desk: The Cornerstone of Every Kid’s Room

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When you picture a kid’s dream room, bunk beds are naturally one of the first things you’d expect, or else a super-cool car bed. Too often, when planning the layout of a child’s room, parents go big with the bed, making it the visual centerpiece of the room. All the while, it can be possible to neglect an essential piece of every room: the desk.


This bed-centric design belies one hard truth about children of any age: they hate to sleep. A room that’s dominated by the presence of a bed, and with no desk to anchor it, means that a child will likely spend more time out where the action is. You want a child’s room to be inviting and engaging for them on multiple levels, and the other necessity to achieve this is the desk. Functional for so many reasons, if your child is old enough to sit, you can consider introducing them to a desk. Now wait, you might say, my children won’t be doing heavy homework for years. Is a desk really that important? You’ll find that getting the best children’s desk possible means that your child will be able to grow into it in ways that will help them develop.


Good Habits

When a child begins to love drawing, it becomes especially important to give them a place that feels comfortable and stable to draw, paint, and create. Parents may be surprised at how a solid, comfortable desk area that they can call their own greatly increases the amount of time that a child will want to spend doing this “work.”  What’s more, you’re building good habits. If a child knows that have their own desk area, where they won’t be disturbed, a place they can call their own, and decorate in their own way, they will naturally gravitate toward this place when they actually have real homework to do.


Confidence & Responsibility

Having a work space is a confidence builder—ask any wanna-be mechanic. Men have their shop table, and kids likewise need a place that they can call their own. Having your own desk is a wonderful learning opportunity, too. Parents can slowly but surely teach their kid to clean and take care of their learning space all on their own. It’s a challenge at first, but when the desk is designed to be an area of fun and learning that is treated with ownership, by the time the child is doing nightly homework, they will already know how to keep their space neat and tidy.


A Desk for the Future

As you can see, a perfectly designed desk is able to bridge the gap is your child’s development into school age. As Çilek believes, it helps when the desk is fun and engaging, which is why we make it our goal to make some of the most imaginative, best children’s desks on the market.