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How to come up with perfect toddler bedroom ideas?

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Your little babe is now a toddler – and this means that it's time to transition between the infant nursery and a bedroom for an older child. It is a great time to create a bedroom that incorporates toddler-friendly aspects like perhaps a Race Car Bed but which can also easily be tweaked over the coming years to grow with your child.

By definition, a toddler is a child aged between one year and three years of age. These years are a time of swift and extensive development, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Physical growth, fine motor development, and improvement in vision, hearing, speech, and social development are all aspects of toddlerhood that the right environment can enhance.

The benchmark for creating a toddler's bedroom is when the child is ready to transition from a crib to a bed. There is no set age for this; some children make this transition as early as 18 months old, while many are more ready at age 3. The biggest issue is whether your child will be willing to sleep in a bed without getting up constantly.

One way to assist in the process is to move your toddler to another room (if you're expecting a new baby, for example) or to update the current bedroom to be more appealing for a toddler. The first step is choosing a suitable bed– whether it's a designated toddler bed or not, it needs to be appealing for your child.

In the US, a toddler bed means a small and low bed, housing a crib mattress, 52x28 inches in size. These beds are regulated by CPSC in terms of labeling, registration cards, and structure. Cilek always recommends the usage of a toddler bed over a twin-size bed (houses 75x38 inch mattress) in that period. However, some parents may still want to invest in a twin-size bed around age 3. Then Cilek Kids Room's themed beds might fill that need. 

A themed bedroom is a great idea – whether a Pirate Ship Bed or a Race Car Bed, your child's bedroom is their safe haven. It's where they sleep, rest, study, and play. 

A good bedroom should contain:

  • A bed – needs to be comfortable, safe, and have an appealing theme to suit your child's interest and taste. With the right choice your little one will look forward to going to bed every night!
  • A nightlight – No children like the dark. A simple nightlight can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep your child and, therefore you. Make sure it's not too bright or has white/blue light, which may prevent melatonin release.
  • A dresser – A chest of drawers or dressers to store clothing and other items. 
  • Bookcase – because no bedroom is complete without books! A small bookcase, shelves, or a box with easy access for the child to reach books safely.
  • Toy storage – a toy box is a must; alternatively, use baskets, shelves, or even laundry-style baskets. These can be put in the closet when not in use.

Choose a colorful decor – it can be bright, vibrant, or muted, but the color is a huge part of a child's bedroom, and most kids won't appreciate a neutral palette until they are teenagers (and some even not then).

Remember that toddlers are tiny, and things like toys and books should be at their own safe level of reach.

A toddler bedroom will obviously have its use-by date as your child gets older, but between the ages of two and five or six, it will be perfect if you get the design right from the outset. To make life easier as time goes on, make walls neutral but use bedding, cushions, furniture, and wall decor to give splashes of color. Change accessories to update the room over time. And always remember, whether you have a Pirate-themed bedroom or a princess haven, safety must always come first!