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How to improve your children's imagination with decoration?

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Children naturally have vivid imaginations – and the more striking, the better in many cases. Yet in today's technological age, kids' reliance on their fantasies is being compromised in favor of ready-made images from TV, Youtube, Games, iPad, and phones. Many kids are over-scheduled into organized activities, which leaves little time for self-reliance to alleviate boredom. Visualization skills aren't used as much as they used to be. And this is to a child's disadvantage. Yet when you actively engage your child's imagination, encourage them to play, pretend, and read with them. You can give them a themed bedroom with Cilek Kids Room, which can help fire their imagination.

What is Imagination?

Every child is born with a capacity for imagination. It's what we use to visualize, even as adults. It is defined as the ability to form a picture in the mind's eye of something that doesn't exist, has not yet happened, or that one has not experienced. Imagination opens the door to possibility and allows one to step through for a little while at a time.


Adults and other children can nurture a child's imagination, but as often as not, we can suppress it too. Yet even with a vivid imagination, almost all children understand the difference between real and pretend by age three or even a little earlier.


Why is Imagination Important for Child Development?

Children benefit enormously from pretend and play. Albert Einstein famously said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Imagination is the key to a child's development of creativity and thinking outside the box. Children act, interact, and explore different worlds and roles during pretend play. Through imagination, interests and passions are discovered. Social and cognitive development occurs through imaginative play, and imagining new ideas allows for developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. And above all, imaginative play is huge fun!

Ways to Spark Your Child's Imagination:

  • Read to them, especially creative stories.
  • Make up your own silly or adventurous bedtime stories.
  • Together build crafts from household items; you can use Youtube for inspiration.
  • Get outside, explore nature, and have more time in your garden or parks.
  • Play dress-ups and costume parties, and live the Halloween spirit
  • Splash in puddles, and let them get dirty.
  • Make them roleplay with Lego blocks, dolls, and toy cars.


Kindle Your Child's Imagination with Cilek Kids Room

Giving your child a beautiful themed bedroom with world-famous Cilek-themed beds and accessories is a great way to kindle your imagination. From a Race Car Bed to a Pirate Ship Bed, Cilek has the perfect furniture to suit your child's interests. Cilek's bedroom range includes options suitable for ages between 2 to 12. There's an ideal choice for them at Cilek Kids Room.