Race Cup

Cilek Kids Room offers fantastic options for decorating your child’s bedroom, with themed decor suitable for all ages from toddler to teen, for both boys and girls. Among our most popular themed bedrooms is the Race Cup Bedroom, with our Cilek kids’ race car bed as the main feature.

We offer a comfortable and practical selection of race car themed beds, from our Spyder race car toddler bed to the full standard twin Race Cup bed.

WE firmly believe your child’s bedroom should be a fun and colourful yet relaxing place for them to not only sleep, but to enjoy spending time. It’s their own personal space and a haven from the outside world. It’s a space where their imagination can run wild.

Is it time to give your son (or daughter) a bedroom makeover?

If your kid loved racing cars, you’re in the right place! Our Race Cup themed bedroom is fun, bright, and ideal for even the youngest kids. Imagine the delight your little one will have when he or she not only goes into a “big bed”, but has a whole bedroom theme around their kids car bed?

First and foremost, choose between the Race Cup Red Twin Race Car Bed and the Spyder Toddler Race Car Bed. Both suit a standard single mattress. The toddler bed is available in red, white, or blue.

Bedroom decor accessories available in this range include:

  • Race Cup Yellow Twin Comforter Set
  • Race Cup Red Rug
  • Race Cup Desk with Hutch
  • Race Cup Bookcase
  • Race Cup 4 Drawer Chest

If you want to give your little one a unique, fun, and colourful bedroom which they’ll love to spend time in (and a bed they’ll actually want to get into and go to sleep in), look no further than Cilek Kids Room. We have a vast array of theme options to suit all ages and design preferences, and Race Cup is just one of these. Explore our full range here on our website today and don’t hesitate to give us a call send us an email. We know you’ll be delighted with our merchandise!