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Designing A Baby’s Room: It’s About Your Sanity

Designing A Baby’s Room: It’s About Your Sanity

Making fun children’s furniture is what we do at Çilek. As parents continue to dedicate more and more time, resources and efforts into getting their infant’s room just right, it’s important to not lose sight of why you have a separate child’s room in the first place: it’s for the parents’ sanity.


That being said, it must first be admitted that there is a wide range of parenting styles, all of which can certainly play a part in how your baby’s room is designed. Some parents spend a great deal of energy designing the perfect room for their latest bundle of joy, only to find out that either the baby, or the parents, or both are much happier co-sleeping in the same bed. For regular sleep habits to develop, it’s good to eventually allow a baby to have their own room, though. In addition, a good infant room


It’s Cute

9 parents out of 10 have one purpose in mind when designing their baby room: to make that room cute enough to make everyone pause, and want a kid of their own. Cute rooms, in a sense, are helpful. At the same time, you want to keep functionality in mind. The one area this can really be important to consider is with the crib. Some baby cribs are big and bulky, and don’t offer nearly enough in areas of convertibility. By the time your child is walking and getting out of bed by him or herself, you are sick of seeing it. Çilek’s Mocha bed is the exact opposite. It has smooth, clean, European functionality, and can be converted to a kid’s bed, for years of use.



This is another area where the bed comes into play. You want to be sure that you can trust that your child’s bed is secure, and won’t be a hazard, especially when your child becomes old enough to try and crawl out of the bed by her- (or most likely him-) self. Be sure to read your bed’s safety guide and pay attention to all warnings when assembling your bed. An incorrectly assembled bed is a dangerous bed.



One of the most important traits in a well-designed baby room is storage. You want the essentials—like baby wipes and diapers—to be within arm’s reach. The Çilek Mocha series also took this into consideration in its design, offering customizable additional storage shelving that goes right into the bed. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, even in the middle of the night.



You may not immediately think a baby needs closet storage, but when your little one throws up all over his or her onesie, the one you just put on 30 seconds ago, and you need to grab clean clothes with one hand, because you have a dirty diaper in the other hand, you will understand the importance of easy access. The Mocha closet takes it one step further by adding LED lights on the hanging rack so that you can navigate that change even with the lights off.


In a word, your baby’s room is not there to just be cute. It’s there to make your life just a little bit easier. This is the philosophy behind all of the fun children’s furniture we design—but especially the furniture for your baby.

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